We do not have a justice system that controls economics, but an economic system that controls justice. This is the battleground, the front lines of a new civil rights movement where together we fight for the rights that give dignity and meaning to our lives. The Whistleblower Defense League is honored to represent Deric Lostutter pro bono, but he needs our help to try and equal the playing field against the infinite war chest of the U.S Government.

Deric had the courage to stand up against rape—should we not now have the courage to stand with him?

Your contribution--we so deeply thank you--will be utilized to cover general legal defense costs and expenses, which will be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. For example: basic travel costs for attorneys to hearings, basic travel costs for witnesses to hearings, multitudinous subpoenas (service of process expenses), government witness interviews and legal document transcription costs for possible impeachment at trial, expert witnesses ranging from 6 to 10k per (not including their travel and report expenses), independent computer forensics, investigation of persons in Ohio, pretrial discovery, voir dire research: this is all prior to commencement of actual trial of which basic costs--travel, stay; witness travel and lodging, exhibits and document prep, are extremely high. To put on an a strong, fierce defense pursuant to a Defendant's Sixth Amendment rights in America is a costly proposition.


If you have any questions concerning your donation, we absolutely encourage you to contact The Law Office of Jason Flores-Williams, lead counsel for Deric Lostutter and co-founder of The WBDL.


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Donations to this legal defense fund are not tax deductible and will become the sole property of, and be used at the sole discretion of, The Law Office of Jason Flores-Williams, Esq. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this at: 505-467-8288.